the CX Bpost trofee Hasselt

  •  Saturday the 17th of november: due to 2 reasons, I decided to go to Hasselt for the  3th race of the Bpost Trofee.  It would be my first covering of this Cyclocross season!
    The 2 Reasons:   First, the course in Hasselt has a few nice course-side features, such as the’Kapermolen’ swimming pool and Skatepark,  the pond in the park, …. which are very tempting to be creative!
    Second,  Hasselt is only a 30minute drive away from my hometown Mol.  Yes yes ‘Mol’ (read: Zilvermeer),  the hometown of the next  Belgian Cyclocross Championships and The BoonenandFriends Cyclocross race!  Looking forward to…..Allright, I was writing about the GP Hasselt and not about those ‘Zilvermeer’ races!   Once  arrived in Hasselt I decided to only use 2 lenses ( 50mm F 1.4 and the 70-200mm F2.8) and NO flashes.  The  50mm for the ‘Pre-race’ use and the 70-200mm during the race .. I wanted to go for something different, something like ‘not cliché’ type of Cyclocross Photography….  I allow you to judge if I managed to this…   (more images on my flickr pages)

CX-bike detail.. taken with the 50mm lens

Startgrid.. taken with 50mm

Niels Albert portrait… Pre Race 50mm shot!

Kevin Pauwels recon the course…   a side pond shot with 70-200mm

Poolside world Champ Niels Albert photo taken with 70-200mm

Albert and Pauwels on top of one of the bridges…. 70-200mm

Bart Aernouts with ultimate acceleration during the final lap… 70-200mm lens!


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